Crafting Love: Celebrate Raksha Bandhan With Zero Waste Handmade Rakhis For Infants & Kids | PureKnot

"Rakshabandhan: A thread of love that ties hearts together, transcending distances and time, forging an eternal bond of protection and affection."


At, we truly believe that every festival is a chance to craft cherished memories that last a lifetime. Our journey into creating handmade Rakhi collection began with a heartfelt request from one of our customers, Meera. She had previously purchased our exquisite butterfly hair accessory and shared her joy to gift it as a Rakhi for her beloved brother.

Meera's idea struck a chord with us, igniting a passion to embark on a mission that aligned with our values - transforming tiny cut pieces from our production scraps into meaningful Rakhis, that brings joy and fun for infants and kids.

Handmade With Love And Care

Each Rakhi at is a testament to the skill and dedication of our talented artisans. With meticulous craftsmanship, they breathe new life into fabric scraps, adorning them with characters like Spiderman, Dinosaurs, and Peppa Pig. These delightful kids Rakhis bring smiles to siblings of all ages, reminding them of shared childhood memories.

Beyond A Product ,An Emotion!

For us, a Rakhi is more than just a product; it embodies an emotion, a meaningful bond that connects siblings through art. Just like Meera shared her joy in gifting our artistic creations to her brothers, our handmade Rakhis evoke laughter, nostalgia, and fond memories of their shared childhood experiences. With every Rakhi we create, we strive to foster deeper connections and create cherished moments between siblings. It becomes a beautiful expression of love, respect, and gratitude, making Raksha Bandhan a truly special and heartfelt occasion for everyone involved.




Eco-Friendly and Skin-Friendly Materials

Emphasizing sustainability and the well-being of our little ones, we prioritize eco-friendly and skin-friendly materials in our kids Rakhi production. Organic and natural fibers, biodegradable embellishments, and non-toxic dyes ensure a safe and gentle experience for the wearer. Our kids Rakhis are not only visually appealing but also environmentally conscious.

As Raksha Bandhan approaches, we invite you to celebrate the festival of sibling love and protection with's handmade Rakhis with gift hamper. Each Rakhi carries a story, artistic touch, and a heartfelt emotion, fostering deeper connections and cherished moments between siblings.

Shop our exquisite collection of eco-friendly and skin-friendly Rakhis for kids, lovingly handcrafted by our talented local woman artisans. 🌿🎀

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