Heartwarming Tales | Why Grandmothers Choose PureCloth.Co for Their Loved Ones

“My 3 yr old grand daughter only wears cotton. Your styles bring back memories of my childhood days and I want to see my grand-daughter in one of your delicately hand-made pin-tuck outfit. “

In a heartfelt conversation, a grandmother shared her sentiments as she placed an order for her 3-year-old grand daughter. She expressed her desire to see her grandchild dressed in delicately hand-made pin-tuck outfits, reminiscent of her own childhood days. Surprisingly, our data revealed that a significant portion of our customers are grandparents aged between 55 to 70 years, who have witnessed the beauty of hand-made and slow fashion.

Reflecting on these stories, we, the founders of Purecloth.co, Dhiju and Nandini, pondered on what aspects of our brand resonated so deeply with these grandparents. We were reminded of how our own grandmothers added a personal touch through hand-embroidery, even on small items like towels and handkerchiefs. Festivals and special occasions were marked by the gifting of hand-stitched and hand-embroidered treasures.

Neelu, a skilled grandmother and expert in sewing and hand-embroidery, stumbled upon Purecloth.co at a exhibition. As she delicately traced her fingers over the intricate hand embroidery, smocking, and vintage collars, she spoke about her memories of crafting similar pieces for her own daughter. Holding each garment close to her heart, Neelu envisioned her beloved grandchild, Teena, adorned in these hand-embroidered frocks. With a pride in her heart, Neelu made her purchase, eager to not only gift these treasures but also pass down the skills and traditions she envy’s in a tangible and meaningful way. 

In the bygone days, stitching machines were a common sight in almost every household, and basic sewing skills were shared among family members. Our grandparents recall a time when hand stitching was a regular part of their lives, and the memories associated with creating and repairing garments by hand hold a special place in their hearts.

Another grandmother, Seetha Chitti, understood the demands of her daughter's busy life. She discovered Purecloth.co while attending her granddaughter's school event and was captivated by the thoughtfully curated collection of organic and naturally dyed frocks. The meticulous inside finishes and seam allowances caught her attention, and the Grow-with-me feature resonated deeply with her values of quality and longevity. Seetha wasted no time and carefully selected garments that would enhance her granddaughter's wardrobe.

In the days of old, grandmothers held onto their clothes as treasured possessions, passing them down through generations with utmost care. It was not simply a practical act, but a profound gesture of love, respect, and family tradition. These cherished garments symbolized the enduring value placed on quality and longevity, embodying the essence of heritage and memories.

Lastly, Grandma Grace eagerly prepared for her long-awaited journey to visit her grandchildren in Toronto. She remembered the precious moments when she dressed her own daughter in pretty vintage-styled cotton frocks with gathers and ruffles. Now, as a mother herself, her daughter struggled to find similar garments that captured the same timeless charm. Grandma Grace turned to social media and discovered Purecloth.co, where the Peach Pinafore frock caught her eye. With each item added to her cart, Grandma Grace felt a swell of pride and excitement, knowing that her thoughtful selections would bring joy to her daughter and granddaughters.

  These heartwarming stories provide a glimpse into the incredible love, thoughtfulness, and support that grandmothers pour into their gift choices. Let us celebrate the extraordinary grandmothers who shop at Purecloth.co, as they preserve traditions and weave beautiful memories through their mindful acts of gifting.

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