Untold Story "Vocal for Local"

The flawless hand stitches by Deepu adds the striking quality to Purecloth's zero waste accessories while Kanchana's finest hand embroideries add life to every piece.

Challenges in doing the best for the planet and people!

Being a conscious brand, monitoring our day-day carbon footprint is in our culture. Ethically producing and sourcing from the local community was in our roadmap even before Vocal for Local became popular.

Our work involved low volume and longer hours since it is handmade with precision. Local production units had large volumes made in a short time to meet the profit margins hence we were rejected by these units!

A journey...Not a destination!

It was hard to find handcraftsmen who could deliver the vision of our brand. As we explored the city, we realized that there were skilled women within the local community who had ample talent and time but lacked the exposure they craved for. So, we decided to act as the catalyst to boost their talent.

Though we were rejected by the local production units, for these women, it was all about finding a channel to showcase their skills. The chase behind volume and earnings were secondary to them. It improved the quality for us as more precise and flawless work goes into every small piece produced.

Their talent should be appreciated and PureCloth.co became the platform of their expression! Further, we concentrated only on uplifting their quality and finishing required to meet any premium brand standards. We gave them their desired creative space!

Today their heart is filled with immense hope and gratitude and their hands with power to do something creative always for your little one’s.

It is just the beginning. We believe this is yet another step in our day-to-day actions to reduce carbon footprint.

We have plans to expand our product range and thereby showcase more talented women in the local community. People who have a real talent in handcrafts and believe that they can contribute to our collection can reach us for collaborations.

Deepu S, Accessory Maker

As a young child, Deepu’s favourite play was to pedal the sewing machine, whenever it was left untouched by her mother who was a garment maker! Her proud moment was when she first stitched her dress at the age of 14 years. Unfortunately, her family circumstances did not allow her to pursue her inborn talent!

It is never too late to be what you might have been

George Eliot

Today Deepu is married and the mother of a 16-year-old. A year back she started working at Suruchi NGO, where not just her dream was reborn but the job also empowered her to support the family.

“Perfection and quality are my biggest learnings after working with Dhiju and Nandini madam” says Deepu. After PureCloth.Co’s collaboration with Suruchi in 2020, today Deepu is our primary artisan whose passionate hands adds striking finishing to your little one’s accessory and mask collections.

Kanchana, Hand Embroidery

"My idol is my mother" says Kanchana who feels happy to share her childhood memories of watching her mother embellish sarees with hand embroidery and traditional Kutch work. A skill passed down from her mother was only restricted to serve known friends and families, until she saw a job advertisement from PureCloth.Co in April 2020.

Kanchana further adds: "The opportunity to work for a premium brand sitting at home during the covid time came as a blessing to her family. I had an interest and PureCloth.Co provided the platform to showcase my skills to a wider audience." Kanchana aims to adorn your little ones with hand embroidered outfits and hair accessories by exploring a variety of stitches and needle art.


  • My best wishes wen u scale up or expand in maharashtra or raj. or punjab let me know if i am of help and can join u or act a mediator between talented people and ur co.

    Awesome great going all the best
  • All the very best!! Nice to know your co-workers.

    Rakesh Sharma
  • Gud initiation…all the best

    Fermina N Muhammed

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