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Grow with me kids clothing – Designed for extended use!

As a child, I remember my mother dressing me up in oversized clothes without having to worry about my growth. Today when I have my own daughter, the question still remains: “Should I buy a bigger size...what if she outgrows?”


“We cannot stop kids from growing but what if we can make the clothes grow?”

From birth, kids grow inch by inch. 200+ clothes gets disposed in the first 2 years! They change nearly 15 sizes over a period of 12 years.

We, Nandini and Dhiju, being a mother have lived this fact and had to dispose dozens of clothes that would no longer fit them. Every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck with disposed clothes ends up in landfill or gets burned! This linear take-make-waste model leads to environmental pollution!


“Kids clothing is extremely wasteful and polluting.“

In 2018, after finishing the designing course from NIFT Bangalore, we launched our “Grow with me” collection that inspires extended use. The extra seams to manage the horizontal growth was an easy solution. But real challenge was to unravel extra skin that gets revealed as the child grew taller.

Every day in our design studio, we learn and upgrade our design principles. The shoulder closures and hem finishes are thoughtfully constructed to adjust the length as required. The relaxed cuts allow free movement with ease to wear...


Today we have a conscious parent community of 500+ who value the purchase in terms reduced purchases saving money and time. The clothes still have a shelf-life even as the kids have changed sizes.

With kids clothing being massively underutilized, our design aligns with the principle of circular economy to design out waste and pollution!

Checkout our collections at PureCloth.Co!

Extremely happy with the purchase! My daughter still uses it even as she has changed sizes!

Jingle, Mumbai

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  • Nice concept, a must-have wardrobe essential for kids.


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